Saturday, October 26, 2013

2nd Annual Hansen Halloween!

We had so much fun last year, that we just had to do another Hansen Halloween Craft Extravaganza!

This year, the aunts, cousins, Grandma and our newest official member, Jess, decided to try our hands at potion bottles.  We had a great time just hanging out and chatting while we worked.

We started with a bunch of empty bottles we collected from various places.  I bought a lot of really old ones off ebay for all of us to pick from.  I decided to drip hot glue from the top of a couple of mine.  Once they are painted, they look like melting wax.

Once the bottles were prepped, we spray painted them.  We had all kinds of colors: black, white, purple, metalics, etc.  Once they were painted, we added labels we mostly found off the internet combined with Halloween scrapbook paper, embellishments and corks from Hobby Lobby.

We love the final results!!!  I only got pictures of a few sets, but here they are:
First Ashley's

And Shereen's

Grandma Yo-Yo's

Even the kids got into some potion action!  Here are Axel's, Lizzy's and Saylor's.

Here are Callie's

And finally mine.  Since I'm a Harry Potter nerd, all my potions are from HP.  I have Essence of Dittany, Draught of Living Death, Acromantula Venom, Felix Felicis, Wartcap Powder, Amortentia, Veritaserium, Mandrake, and, my personal favorite, Skele-Gro.  For the Skele-Gro, I used the same hot glue technique as on the other bottles, but I added little plastic skulls and bones that I had found at Michaels.  After that, I painted the bottle off-white and dry brushed a little brown over the top to make it look old and dirty.

Mom got a jump start on us and created this amazing display for her upcoming work party.  She's going to be a creepy candy lady.

She made all her own labels, of course.  Show off!  ;)

After taking mine home, I put them in the front room with the rest of the Halloween treasures.  While we were making potion bottles, I decided to also make these books (which may have to be next year's project).  I used the tutorial I found on Pinterest here.  In the tutorial, she uses paper towel, but I used tissue paper instead and it worked great.

Here are a couple more pics of the books.  We are definitely doing this next year!

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