Friday, May 17, 2013

Personal Progress -- Washi Style

A lot of the projects I undertake have to do with me being a counselor in Young Women.  I was in charge of the Personal Progress activity recently and I decided we'd try our hand at washi tape.

We started with these white frames from Ikea.  You can't beat $1.99.  Especially when you have to buy a dozen of them. 

Next, I bought a bunch of different colors and designs of washi tape from this shop on etsy. I had the girls wrap their blank frames in whatever pattern they liked.  It was really easy to do and only took the girls about 30 minutes. 

Afterward, I brought all of them home and put a coat of Mod Podge on them to keep the tape from peeling.  It wouldn't stay stuck very well otherwise.

I wanted to make sure that each girl had a special picture to put in the picture frame.  So, during the same activity, we had each girl sit in front of a whiteboard and the rest of the girls wrote positive words that described that girl.  This went along great with PP Individual Worth Value Experience 7.  We used all different colors of dry erase markers to make it colorful.  We have a few artists in our group of girls and they drew cute little pictures too.  We tried to let the girls run with it and they did a great job making them cute and colorful. 

For the girls that weren't able to make it to the activity, we wrote their names on the board and wrote the words around them.  When we were done, I snapped a pic and erased the board for the next girl.  Then I took the pictures home and put some cool filters on them.  Some have galaxy overlays on them.  Some look like they're splattered with paint.  Some look like vintage photos.  Each picture is different and has a fun vibe to it.

I ended up having one extra frame so I decided to do one for my outgoing advisor, Maren, who is getting married.  In this case, I used Power Point to create the picture for the frame.  I downloaded a bunch of really cute fonts and made sure that each word used a different one.  I chose colors close to her wedding colors and changed the orientation of the words so they'd fit in a nice little square.  It was remarkably easy and I *love* how it turned out!

All in all, this activity worked out great.  It was easy and fun for the girls and they will have something to always remind them how amazing they are.  Plus, they passed off a personal progress experience!  Bonus!

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